Dark Fiber Solutions

What Enterprises Need to Leverage Dark Fiber Networks

Protect Sensitive Data

Enterprises, telecom carriers, schools, and government agencies can lease unused stands of fiber optic cable — dark fiber — to create a highly secure and privately operated network. Dark fiber providers provide you exclusive access to those lines, allowing you to easily tailor the traffic and speed to adapt to the platform of your choice while retaining the flexibility to expand and control network connectivity as needed,

Benefits of Dark Fiber Networks:

High Security
Highly Secure

Privately owned dark fiber lines prevent outside parties from accessing the main network, promoting security.

High Scalability
High Scalability

Dark fiber customers have control over network traffic capacity, speed, and protocols, making the network customizable to their unique needs.

Minimal Downtime

Since organizations have complete control over the network, dark fiber reduces downtime by allowing companies to address problems as they arise without going through an ISP.

High Performance
High Performance

Multiple data signals can be sent simultaneously on different wavelengths to enable optimal data speeds.

dark fiber
More Bandwidth

Running into traffic bottlenecks? Dark fiber allows you to scale-up network capacity as bandwidth requirements grow

dark fiber
Future Proof

With dark fiber, your network is only limited by the equipment you use. The solution allows you to upgrade your infrastructure as your connectivity needs change.

Receive more than just great service:

dark fiber
Higher Capacity

Multiple data signals can transmit simultaneously on different wavelengths — all on your network.

dark fiber
More Control

Gain control of the network to meet your business objectives and grow.

dark fiber

Select a highly-secure configuration customized to your needs.

Dark Fiber Network Features:

  • Standard single mode fiber
  • Point-to-point or ring configurations
  • License or lease options
  • Locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura
  • Custom builds are available to meet your needs

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