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Understand the Meaning Behind Dark Fiber Network Solutions

Struggling with slow upload or download speeds, or spotty connectivity? Worried about cybersecurity and protecting your data? Or maybe your current network is bottlenecked and it’s hindering your business productivity? If you are struggling with any of these challenges, our team can help provide southern California businesses with reliable dark fiber.

Southern California Edison Carrier Solutions provides enterprises, telecom carriers, educational institutions, government agencies, and other organizations with the dark fiber solutions needed to design and maintain a network optimized for cost-effectiveness, security, scalability,  and performance.

Dark Fiber Meaning

The meaning of dark fiber can sound intimidating, but it simply refers to unused and unlit fiber optic cable. Organizations can use dark fiber to improve the performance, security, and scalability of their network to meet their internet connectivity needs.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that Quality, Network Reliability, and Responsiveness are key to a great customer experience. By keeping these tenets always front of mind, we strive to provide our customers with the guidance required to understand the meaning of dark fiber and identify network upgrade and improvement opportunities to develop a personalized solution that meets their needs.

Who We Are

SCE Carrier Solutions, part of the Fortune 500’s Southern California Edison, offers competitive dark fiber  solutions to regional, national, and international organizations reliant on dependable networks to support mission-critical activities and operating in sectors including healthcare, education, banking, and government.

SCE Carrier Solutions is a facilities-based, competitive exchange carrier providing critical connectivity to 140+ locations including major carrier hotels, carrier POPs, data centers, and ILEC central offices.

Our Value

Cost Savings
Minimize Costly Downtime

Our experts work with our customers to implement a dark fiber solution that’s secure, reliable, and scalable so they remain in control of their network, reduce downtime, and can customize it to their unique needs and future growth opportunities.

Customized Network Solutions
Customized Network Solutions

Organizations working with SCE will receive a customized consultation to identify how to increase dark fiber network capacity, security, and performance, as well as which network solutions best address their unique needs and network goals.

Comprehensive Coverage

Connectivity to 140+ major carrier hotels, carrier POPs, data centers, and ILEC central offices in a 50,000+ square mile area.

Emerging Technology

Flexible and custom support on all types of traffic, services, and architecture.

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Reach out to our team and we will be in touch to discuss your network challenges and how our dark fiber solutions can address them. Get in touch now and we will give you a call.

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