Acceptable Use Policy

SCE Carrier Solutions is a business unit of Southern California Edison (“SCE”). SCE has implemented this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) as part of an overall effort to: (1) provide high quality, reliable service to our customers; (2) protect the privacy and security of our customers, systems, and networks; (3) encourage responsible use of SCE’s and other ISPs’ resources; and (4) comply with applicable laws and regulations.

This AUP provides a general understanding of SCE policy regarding the use of SCE services. As with any set of rules, guidelines and policies, common sense and judgment are exercised while enforcing this policy system. With this in mind, flagrant and/or repeated policy violations are viewed differently than minor infractions or actions that are unintentional and cause little, if any, harm. Protecting our customers and our resources, providing quality service to our customers, conforming to existing laws and preserving our reputation as a service provider are factors considered when deciding appropriate action in connection with policy violations.

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